VingCard Classic Guest Room Lock - Satin Brass Finish

VingCard Classic Lock, Satin Brass, Two-Piece CPU/Reader Combo
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  • Item #: VING LS 606 DBB RDR CPU U

The complete VingCard Classic Lockset is designed to work with the 2100, 2800, and VISION Front Desk Systems.  This lock includes the two-piece Classic Reader/CPU Combination and will work with any 9V system.  The mechanical key override (MKO) cylinder slot is located beneath the handle and the matching mortise lockcase includes the deadbolt beneath the handle.  This configuration is commonly known as deadbolt bottom or DBB.


Our locks are fully tested and warrantied.  Our VingCard guest room locks undergo an extensive inspection and certification by World Class Installations, Inc. before ever being sold. 


  • Save more than $75 by purchasing the Complete Classic Lockset instead of individual parts
  • Includes Lockset, Standard Mortise Lockcase, Faceplate, 9V Battery Cartridge, 9V Battery Wire, & Mounting Hardware
  • MKO Cylinder Slot Beneath Handle (DBB)
  • Cylinder Not Included
  • Classic Contact Card required to program two-piece Classic Reader/CPU Combination 
  • 90 Day Warranty


Certified Used products may include scratches, scuffs, or additional cosmetic blemishes that do not effect functionality.

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